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The Trumps Just Decorated the White House For Their First Christmas in Office

Based on the recent video Melania Trump just posted to Twitter, the First Lady has been very busy as of late overseeing the decorating of the White House for the Winter holidays. In the video, the White House's dramatic transformation is revealed, and it's everything you imagined and more from the extravagant president's administration. This year's theme is time-honored traditions.
After You See How Beautifully the Obamas Decorated the White House, You'll Wish President Trump Wasn't Changing It
Fitting with the theme, classic wreaths tied with red bows have been hung from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue's exterior windows – but the interiors are over-the-top, whimsical, and like nothing we've seen before. Rows of dramatic, up-lit white birch branches create an archway through the East Wing corridor. The Grand Foyer and Cross Hall are filled with soaring, sparkling trees dripping with snow and silver tinsel to create a Nutcracker Suite motif. The makeover includes subtler decor additions as well, such mistletoe dangling from the ceiling. The entire endeavor took some 53 Christmas trees, 70 wreaths, and the help of more than 150 volunteers. Tour it yourself in the slideshow ahead.

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as they learned to

In the days to come Yuna will have many farms, and the plough and the spade will cover the palaeoliths that still dot the country round, and the spear-mark and the fire-place and the marks of Walja’s knees on top of the granite will be broken and cut up for building, so that there will be no native history at all at Yuria, beyond its dialect, its few primitive implements and its soft-sounding place-names. There are no monuments to destroy, no evidences of an older civilization to be uprooted for the new. Nature’s obstacles of tree and shrub are the only obstacles to be overcome. Given water, or planted with a corn needing little water, and Yuria in the years to come can be transformed into one of the loveliest districts in Australia. One cannot but regret the passing of its aboriginal inhabitants, and yet, given another thousand years’ possession of the country, it would still be “walja gabbi” only.

In 1918, a bad breakdown in health brought me to Adelaide for medical attention. When the beautiful Mount Lofty Hills had restored my vigour, I was asked by the authorities to take charge of the Returned Soldiers Home at Myrtle Bank, which needed reorganizing. I readily consented, and the ensuing few months, spent in mothering the returned wounded there, were, I think, happy ones. Although I knew comparatively little of matronship, as such, I did know a great deal of mothering, and for “wingies and stumpies” as they called themselves, the blind and the maimed who had given so much, all the service and devotion of which I was capable was only too little. These brave boys, crushed in those first years by the weight of their affliction, facing a changed world, were my first white patients.

The construction of the great Australian trans-continental railway line was the end of the native groups north, east and west for many hundreds of miles.

For some years, stray natives had been coming in to civilization, following the tracks of the explorers, Warburton, Giles, Forrest and Maurice. They had looked upon the white men with awe-bearded ghosts with a fire magic that could send little stones into their vitals. “Windinjirri! Run! Run! Run!” they shouted when they beheld those fearsome spirit monsters, the camels, and scattered to the four winds, dropping infants and food in their desperate fright. Windinjirri was the camel’s name among them ever after. One woman gave birth to a baby while fleeing from the camels, and no harm resulting, the baby was given the camel as its totem.

At first they lived in abject fear of the “waijela” a call the white man, but after they had talked with him, touched him, and even eaten his food, the fear changed to anger. This waijela was killing their meat, leaving the bodies of the kangaroos to rot and taking only the skins. He was monopolizing the precious water-holes for the hated camel, forbidding the rightful owners to approach. Then, little by little, or rapidly, according to local circumstance, he assumed another, and though they did not know it, more terrifying aspect. He became a source of revenue to them, and he had come to stay. They were always familiar with the traffic in women. That the waijela knew the trade simplified matters.

So with the survey of the east-west railway began the extermination of the central native groups, not by the deliberate cruelty of the white man, but by the impossibility of amalgamating two such extreme races, Palaeolithic and 20th Century, and through the natives’ ready, and even eager, adoption of the white man’s vices.

As the construction proceeded, with a great influx of railway workers of all classes and nationalities, along 1,000 miles of previously uninhabited country, they straggled in to the line in increasing numbers, drawn by the abundance of food-stuffs and the new fire-drink [Kala-gabbi] that made them “head no good.” [Kooramba] Each group through whose territory the line was passing saw its waters used up, the trees and bushes destroyed for firewood and fence-posts, and the whole country turned to strange uses. In their eagerness to “make the most of what they yet may spend,” they did not know that they were bringing about their own annihilation. They thought that the train and its people would go away, and leave them the things to play with.

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The story of laurel

On one occasion, Apollo saw little Cupid was playing with a bow and arrow. His outspoken warned Cupid said: "feed! Bow and arrow is a dangerous thing, children don't literally to play." The chobe endemic to Cupid arrow two very special. Who is he that one with the gold of sharp arrows shot to the people, the heart will rekindle the passion of love immediately. If the branch lead blunt arrows to person, would be very hate to love heart disease heart disease.

Cupid was Apollo so say, the in the mind very unconvinced. He didn't notice the Apollo, "Sou" a cry, and the arrows of Apollo love. Apollo immediately in the heart of love has the strong desire. Just this time, to a beautiful girl named daphne. Naughty Cupid do it lead blunt arrows at daphne. Daphne was blunt arrow, immediately become very hate to love.

At that time, was the love of the arrow of Apollo has been deeply in love with daphne, immediately said to her love. But da daphne but is not happily say: "go away! I hate love! Get away from me!" Said, as though the antelope to galloped inthe valley. But Apollo for pursue daphne is not discouraged, he took the harp, pop-up beautiful tune. Whoever heard of Apollo, it will go before him to listen to his performancereenex reenex.

Hiding in the mountains of daphne heard the beautiful, also unknowingly intoxicated. "Which to moving the piano so much? I want to see who is playing." Said said, she already was swept away by the piano to Apollo. Hiding behind a large stone toplay harp Apollo immediately jump out, go forward to quote daphne.

She saw Apollo, ran. Arrow behind struggling to pursue, and shouted: "I'm not your enemy, nor the fierce beast, even less of a little unreasonable, why you avoiding me?" Though Apollo behind shouted to daphne, she still as didn't hear, continue to run forward.

However, daphne run much faster, but also run the Apollo. Exhausted by running for quite a while, daphne running, all out of breath. At last she fell to the ground, see the Apollo will overtake, daphne nasty shout loudly: "help! Help!"

At that time, achelous daphne heard cries for help, with divine power turned her into a laurel tree immediately. Saw daphne hair into the leaves, the wrist became the branches, two legs became a trunk, two feet and toes into roots, deep in the grave Business Hosting ServiceBusiness Hosting Service.

Apollo saw, regret. He carried a laurel cry very sad, but kept swinging laurel. Although daphne has become the laurel, but the Apollo still love her. He very spoony to laurel said: "although you can't be my wife, but I will always love you. I want to do with your branch leaves my crown, made my harp, your wood and your flowers to decorate my bow. And at the same time, I will give you forever young, not old."

Become a month Osmanthus daphne heard, deeply moved by, nodding, thanks. May be blessed by the Apollo, laurel at the age of evergreen, is a kind of plant that is popular with people.

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